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Valley Forge and Philly

I have been lax in updating our travels. We have been busy day and night since we arrived in Quakertown, PA. Day time is for doing the American Revolution sights and nights we have been visiting with Merry Lee. You remember her from my previous blog as Kathy's best friend from High School.

Our travels down from Niagara Falls were for the most part uneventful. The roads, whether interstate or secondary roads, are at best adequate, bumpy, under construction, narrow, and some very narrow etc. This becomes a problem when driving a 36 foot RV with car attached and you take up a normal lane. One road was very curvy, hilly and narrow with either shear rock walls or hedges or tree trunks right next to the edge of the road. Oh, did I mention this edge was THE edge, no shoulder what so ever.

Tuesday, June 19, we went to Valley Forge and spent the day. It was about a 45 minute drive from where we are staying. Valley Forge is significant even though no battles were fought here. Many men died here the winter of 1777 / 1778. They didn't die from freezing or lack of food, but mainly from diseases. About 2,200 men died that winter. Valley Forge is significant because this is where the various militias from the now United States became a cohesive, well trained army. It is because of the hardships and vigorous training at Valley Forge that we are a nation today. The Continental Army was now ready to defeat the British to become an independent nation.

Here is a typical log cabin that housed up to 12 soldiers. Each unit built their own cabin and with 12,000 troops, the cabins stretched for over two miles.


Washington, on the other hand, along with his top officers were housed in local farm houses along with their wives. Here is the house that was Washington's home and headquarters. Quite a contrast!


Wednesday, we took the train from Doylestown to Philadelphia. It was 1 hour and 15 minutes by rail and well worth it. Traffic in Philly is bad, many one way streets and horns honking all the time, not much brotherly love. Once in Philly we took a trolley tour and we were able to get on and off at any of the 20 stops.

First stop was the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that Rocky ran up. Notice the look alike below.


Now for a real shock, blink your eyes, notice the striking resemblence next to the statue of Rocky.


Next stop was South Street and Jim's Steak house. They have awesome Philly Cheese Steaks at this place. It is one of Philly's famous places to get a real Philly Cheese steak. I had mine with provalone cheese although a true Philly Cheese is made with CheeseWhiz.


We have definately been eating well on this trip. I did not realize how well until I saw this photo that Kathy took.


No trip to Philly is complete without seeing the Liberty Bell.


Nor is it complete without going to Independence Hall. This area in front of Independence Hall some 231 years ago on July 8, 1776 is where the Declaration of Independence was first read in public.


Inside the hall is where the work really took place in the Pennsylvania Assembly Room to write and discuss the Declaration of Independence. It is also where in 1787 where the US Constitution was debated, compromised and written. The work of many minds, the US Constitution stands as a model of cooperative statesmanship and the art of compromise.


Remember, in the 1770's Philadelphia was the capital of the new United States. Philadelphia had fallen to the British following the bold signing of the Declaration of Independence. Washington with his newly trained army following the winter at Valley Forge fought to regain Philly and other cities and areas taken by the British. This was accomplished with the help of the French. The deciding battle was at Yorktown in 1781.

Anyway, you get the picture, this place drips with the history of the Revolutionary War and the birth of these United States. It makes one proud to be an American!

Tomorrow it is local sightseeing with Merry Lee and a horseback riding lesson in late afternoon at Merry Lee's


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