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Niagara Falls June 14, 15 & 16

Thursday afternoon we took a tour to get our bearings and to take in the must do tourist attractions. We did the tour on the Canadian side, since this offers the best views. Also the Maid of the Mist boats are larger on the Canadian side.

Kathy took this suitable for framing photo of the American Falls from the Maid of the Mist.


We then rode into the Horseshoe Falls which is quite an experience. You can feel the power of nature, which is fierce. This photo was taken as we approached the Horseshoe Falls from the Maid of the Mist. Note a sister Maid of the Mist in close to the falls.


Then, the ever present rainbow when the sun is shining. This photo was taken from the closest point you can get to the Horseshoe falls on the Maid of the Mist. Besides the rainbow, note the thrashing water.


We also did a behind the falls tour, where once again you can feel the power of nature. The flow over the falls was reduced in the 60's to both control erosion and to provide more water to produce electricity. The flow is about half of what it use to be and can be reduced even further. The flow of the falls does not change that much, but the erosion is slowed to one foot every 10 years while in the past the erosion was about one foot per year.

Friday, we drove over to Canada and visited the must see town of Niagara on the Lake. It is a quaint town at the mouth of the Niagara River as it enters Lake Ontario. On the main street are shops and the Prince of Wales Hotel. The street is lined with beautiful flowers. Here is Kathy beside the Prince Of Wales Hotel.


We then drove to a quiet spot along the shore and enjoyed the view and solitude. Here is a photo of the mouth of the Niagara River where it enters lake Ontario with old Fort Niagara visible on the US side.


Then it was time to drive back to Niagara Falls, Canada, for dinner and a view of the falls illuminated at night.

We ate at Edgewaters with a commanding view of the falls.


Then, when darkness arrived, we were treated to a live band that only played songs from 1964 to 1967, right up our alley, as well as the illuminated falls, complete with fireworks at 10 pm.



Saturday, believe it or not, we slept in until 9 am. Then, after some shopping, it was off to Lake Ontario on the US side and Old Fort Niagara.

Yesterday, we took a photo of the fort from the Canadian side, today we took a photo of the Canadian side from the fort.


We toured the fort, which was built in 1678 and has a long storied history on being crucial for the protection of the waterways and country. It has been under the control at various times of France, England and finally the US. It was used to train troops for WWI and as a missle defense in the 60's.

We spent the rest of the day having a picnic and relaxing on the shore of Lake Ontario. Nice breeze and temps around mid 70's just a gorgeous day!


This is a the last update from Niagara Falls. We leave tomorrow to travel for a couple of days, eventually making our way to Quakertown, PA where we will stay for a couple of days visiting MerryLee, Kathy's best friend from high school. Updates may be scarce for awhile. Guess all of you are looking forward to that!!!

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Niagara Falls Wed. & Thurs. June 13 &14, 2007

Arrived safely after a long 255 mile trip. This could be a record for this epic journey! No rain just clear skies. Got an email from Rich that said we left just in time. He had a bad storm, blew his raft away, no lights or phone etc. But boy oh boy was it hot and dry here, 92.

Got set with tours for tomorrow and found our bearings. we are in an RV park 6 miles from the falls.

Thursday morning we ventured out sans tour to the American Falls and the Niagara Falls State Park, the oldest state park in the US.

Here's the happy couple now, looks like they are on their honeymoon!


We decided the best way to see everything on the American side was to walk Goat Island.And that is what we did for several hours taking in the sights and sounds! The weather is perfect, things have cooled a bit to the upper 70's, dry and clear skies.

This is a photo of the falls looking across the Am Falls with the horseshoe falls in the background.


This is a shot of the horseshoe falls from the American side.


And one of our favorite photos, the falls with the Maid of the Mist boats and the ever popular rainbow.


More later, Off to take a tour from the Canadian side and ride the Maid of the Mist.

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Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn

I know I said that yesterday was the last update from Guilford Lake. However, Tuesday’s lunch at the Spread Eagle Tavern and Inn deserves some commentary.

Hanover was a thriving port on the Sandy & Beaver Canal and an important link in the region's underground railroad.
Early Hanover played a particularly key role in the life of the Sandy & Beaver Canal which extended 73½ miles from the Ohio River at Smith's Ferry to the Ohio & Erie Canal at Bolivar. Situated midway between these two points just west of the big canal tunnel, Hanover was to become a flourishing center of commerce, boasting a peak population in the late 1830's of 2,000 inhabitants.
Hanover was also known as a safe-haven for runaway slaves. Evident still today are remnants of the underground passage that connected George Sloan's "Brick Row" with his brother-in-law Dr. James Robertson's home just across the street. Runaway slaves were often whisked then, to a secret upstairs hideaway in the Robertson home that was accessible only by the way of a second-story window. At nightfall it is told, the slave fugitives would board a canal boat and flee to their next safe-haven and on to freedom in Canada.
The coming of the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad in the early 1850's signaled the end of the Sandy & Beaver Canal and ultimately the demise of the once bustling village of Hanover. Today virtually all that remains of this grand and illustrious past is historic Plymouth Street, with its many fine century homes and its once venerable Spread Eagle Tavern, with a cluster of ten national historic trust buildings adjacent to the Historic Spread Eagle Tavern.
The building was built in 1837 and today the inn encompasses the barn and main building as a fine award-winning restaurant with the upper floors housing the bedrooms of the inn. Prices for rooms average $200 per night.


This is an outside photo of the barn area with the main building to the right. We were seated in the barn area of the inn.


Lunch was some of the best Yankee Pot Roast Rich and I have ever tasted, and Kathy enjoyed a delicious Maryland crab cake. Aside from the superb food, the building reeks with history.

The road that runs through this area, US 30, follows the old Sandy and Beaver Canal and is known as the Lincoln highway.

I mentioned that this building reeks with history. Look at this photo of the main meeting area in the old inn and the magnificent fireplace. It is said that Abe Lincoln gave a speech in front of this very fireplace.


Note the elephant on the table to the left of the fireplace. That should be a clue as to which party meets here. Throughout history it has been the meeting place for Republicans. Eisenhower, Reagan, Bush, Quayle, Taft, Gingrich, Buchanan, etc. have all met here with the locals to discuss politics and raise money.

In the basement there is a replica of the tunnel that connected this house with a house across the street.


The tunnel was used as part of the Underground Railroad to move slaves to freedom. Several of the houses along this street in this little town of Hanoverton, OH, were built in the 1830’s and were part of the Underground Railroad or supported freeing the slaves.

Once again, Rich was an exquisite guide teaching us the history of the area and local lore.

Thanks again, Rich, for being such a grand host and guide during our stay.

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Guilford Lake Ohio June 11 and 12, 2007

Today, Tuesday June 11, we toured the area with Rich Bryer to see the local sights. Rich grew up in this area and thus we had the perfect guide. The area around East Liverpool, Ohio where Rich grew up was teaming with pottery factories along the Ohio River. His father and Uncle owned one of the pottery factories until the property was sold for an interchange for US highway 30. All that remains is a bottle kiln right in the middle of the interchange.

Here is the kiln, as it appears today, all that remains of the pottery factory.


We visited one of the few remaining pottery factories, Homer Laughlin. It is where Fiesta pottery is made.

We also toured downtown East Liverpool and visited the Lou Holtz and Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame.


This was a very impressive exhibit of much of Lou’s memorabilia from his days at Arkansas, Notre Dame, South Carolina, etc.

Rich standing among some of the Lou Holtz exhibit.


Also included in the Hall of Fame are noted celebrities from the Ohio Valley including; Dean Martin, Regis Philbin, Clark Gable, and Robert Urich to name just a few.

Rich is a contributor to the Hall of Fame. Here’s Rich pointing out his name.


We crossed the Ohio River into Wellsville, OH, to view the floodwall for the Ohio River, placed in a low area in town. Painted on the wall are scenes of the history of the area including the bottle kiln (same one as shown above) and a scene with the Delta Queen on the Ohio River.



That’s another trip Kathy and I want to take some day.

Tuesday was another great day learning more about the back roads of America and a friend’s childhood.

Today Tuesday, June 12, we met Rich for lunch and went to the Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn. It was once part of the underground railroad in this part of Ohio.

This will be the last update from Guilford Lake. Tomorrow Kathy and I travel to Niagara Falls for 5 days. Another grueling 238 miles, all in one day!!

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Guilford Lake State Park June 8, 9 and 10, 2007


Made it here from Columbus, a rough 134-mile drive. We got set up at the Guilford Lake State Park, which is across the lake from Rich Bryers’ summer home.

Ray and I waited at the picnic table behind our RV’s waiting for the water taxi.


Then out of nowhere the water taxi and area guide arrived.


Rich then took us on a tour of the lake explaining the history of the lake and the area.


Next stop was Mark’s, the Friendly Tavern of Lake Guilford. Just like Cheers, where everyone knows your name!


After grabbing a beer the weather was turning nasty with wind gusts and rain fast approaching, so we made a dash to Rich’s house for a fantastic spaghetti dinner that Rich prepared. What a great host.

Things cleared up after dinner and Rich then took us for a driving tour of the lake and surrounding area. We saw beautiful views and interesting historic buildings and heard local lore. We hope to explore more of this in the next few days.

Saturday Rich picked all of us up again in his deck boat and we toured the lake. The weather was clear but cool!

Here is a photo of Rich’s place from the lake.


Saw some baby ducks and their mother. We fed her some bread for the little ones.


For dinner we boated back to Mark’s Landing. Upon arrival we spotted the pirate boat at the dock. This group dresses up like pirates on the weekend and boat along the shore throwing candy to the kids!


Rich is quite the handy man when it comes to furniture refinishing and house refurbishing. At his house he has made a clear laminated table with memorabilia from his life. It is really neat. Then for Mark’s landing Rich made a similar table with the history of the area imbedded in the clear poly top. We ate dinner at “Rich’s table”


Barely made it out alive after the locals heard we were Gator fans!

Sunday Ray and Linda departed to meet up with their son and his family in Bryson City NC.


Bye Ray and Linda we had a great trip with you guys, with many special memories.

Spent the rest of Sunday enjoying the RV State Park and the great weather, high near 80, slight breeze. It was perfect weather for grilling out, which we did and had Rich over for dinner.

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